Welcome to Hepa-Air-Purifier.org, your best source for detailed, informative and accurate air purifier reviews and information. Today there is such a variety of air purifiers on the market that it has become very difficult to know which HEPA air purifier will best suite your needs. Each company puts efforts into marketing their specific models, often using catchy buzzwords and confusing tech terms that do little to explain what the purifier can really do for you. Don’t worry… We are here to help!

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We make it a point to provide you with detailed and highly informative HEPA air purifier reviews that provide you with the important information you need before making a purchase… and then some!  While doing our best to stay unbiased, we definitely have our favorites and sometimes it shows. But that is just because we are passionate about HEPA air purifiers and their ability to help people and improve quality of life.

By taking information from a variety of sources that are sometimes hard to track down, we strive to present only the most accurate and helpful information to you. While most of our air purifier reviews are to-the-point and a quick and easy read, some of our favorite models have received a bit more attention with the reviews presenting a wealth of information.

How To Use Our Reviews

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When most people start out looking for the best air purifier, they have very little knowledge about the products themselves. What they do tend to have is a problem of some sort that needs fixing. Different purifiers offer a variety of filtration methods and some are better suited for certain air quality issues than others. Maybe you have typical seasonal allergies? Perhaps you have a pet that your daughter is allergic to? Maybe someone in your family has MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) or even still perhaps there is a smoker in the house and odor is the issue.

Whatever your situation is, it is very likely that there is a HEPA purifier out there designed to address it. The tricky part is sifting through the garbage and learning exactly what you need. Plan on reading through a handful of air purifier reviews so that you can begin to understand what various models offer and how different companies and price-points vary with what is offered. This does not take long and the due diligence on your part is worth the time. Below I will outline some steps to take to get started the most efficient way possible.

Steps For Picking Out The Perfect HEPA Air Purifier

  1. Decide what air quality issue you are trying to tackle. What kind of allergies do you have? Are you trying to address airborne chemicals? Are odors the issue?
  2. Identify the size of the area you are hoping to purifier. It is important that the purifier you decide on is capable of maintaining the air quality in the room or rooms that you bought it for.
  3. Know your budget. As you will see, HEPA air purifiers range from under $100 to well over $1000. There is a lot of good stuff out there these days and getting a solid HEPA air purifier doesn’t have to break the bank. As you browse you may realize many models seem above the budget you originally had in mind. I would say that by splurging just that little bit extra up front increases your chances of having a quality product that will meet your needs for years to come.
  4. Understand the costs of operation. Some purifiers have a long filter life while others will have a short one. Many have carbon pre-filters that need replacing. Some are more energy efficient than others.
  5. Bells and Whistles. There are air purifiers with UV germicidal lamps, humidifiers, ionizers, sleep modes, pollen modes, remotes and even art work on them. If  some of these features would make you happy, explore what is offered before you make a final decision on the best air purifier for your home.

By keeping the pointers above in mind, you will already be way ahead of the game.

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We hope you find the information here informative and helpful. Good luck in navigating our air purifier reviews making the best decision possible on a new HEPA air purifier.

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