Using Natural Supplements for Allergies

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Allergies come from a variety of sources and affect millions of people around the world.  Most medications for allergies don’t treat the allergies at all but, rather your immune system, which attempts to rid you of those allergens.  While they may give you relief from those running noses, watering eyes, sneezes and sniffles, medications also have side effects that many people don’t like such as causing drowsiness, dry mouth, upset stomach and so on.  This is why more and more people are turning to natural supplements for allergies in hopes of strengthening their immune system and blocking the symptom-causing histamines in their bodies.  Here are a few natural supplements that just may help you get through the next allergy season feeling much better than you believed possible.

Natural Supplements That Can Prevent Or Limit An Allergic Reaction

You’ve all heard the saying that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and that is certainly true of seasonal allergies.  What allergy sufferer wouldn’t rather skip the entire allergy season or at least get through it unaffected rather than suffer all those seasonal allergy symptoms.  Well, there are a few natural supplements that may just make that possible or at least make those allergy symptoms far milder and easier to deal with.  Here are three supplements that have proven to be highly effective for many people.

  • Fish Oil Supplements- That’s right, those good old omega-3 fatty acids that are so necessary and vital to our health and help to prevent high blood pressure, high cholesterol, balance sugar levels and give us shining hair and clear skin can also help to prevent allergic reactions to a variety of different things including pollen.  One reason for this may be that fish oil supplements help to calm the immune system and keep it from over reacting which is what causes many allergy symptoms.  Omega-3 fish oils also help to reduce inflammation that may be caused by allergies. Studies have shown that people who suffer from various types of allergies and then start taking fish oil supplements have reduced incidents of allergy attacks and in some cases their allergies have disappeared all together. Just remember to keep realistic expectations.
  • Bee Pollen- Taking Bee pollen for allergies works on the “hair of the dog” principal.  Meaning that bee pollen often comes from the same pollen that causes those allergic reactions.  In many cases people who take small doses of bee pollen daily often build up an immunity to the pollen that causes their allergies to begin with.  In addition, studies have shown that when children eat honey that comes from bees in the area in which they live, they are less likely to develop seasonal allergies to pollen.quercetin supplements for allergies
  • Quercetin- Quercetin is natural flavonoid that can be found in green and black teas, broccoli, apples, wines, and a variety of other foods that you eat on a regular basis. It has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties and when taken in amounts of 1000mg or more 6 weeks before allergy season begins and continuing through the season it can help prevent allergy attacks.  Of course it is best to take your Quercetin in supplement form since 1000mg would mean eating a lot of apples or consuming a lot of wine. I have noticed that this is definitely not the cheapest supplement on the market, but is not outrageous either. Taking Quercetin for allergies may be out of your budget, but don’t fret as there are many other options and it is cheaper than Claritin!

Natural Supplements That May Help an Allergy Attack

For those of you who are looking to treat your allergy symptoms during an allergy attack, you really need to look no further than your kitchen cupboard.  Ingredients such as hot ginger, cayenne pepper, fenugreek seed, onion and garlic can thin the mucus caused by allergies and clear your nasal passages.

Rinsing your nasal passages with a non iodized salt water solution can actually wash the allergens clinging to your nasal passages away, bringing relief from many of your allergy symptoms.  Strengthening your immune system by consuming more vitamins may also help relieve many of your allergy symptoms.

Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Zinc have long been recognized to play an important role in the function of our immune systems. However, keep in mind that those over the counter vitamin supplements are often synthetic and may not have the same effect as natural vitamins acquired from food in helping to treat those allergy symptoms.

It is important to remember that some vitamins and supplements can be harmful in excessive doses. Vitamins like Vitamin A (in its retinol, not carotene form), Vitamin K and Zinc can build up in the body and cause undesirable symptoms. Be conscious of the doses and consistency with which you take these and other supplements. I would also advise that when taking Vitamin C for allergies, you consider investing in a buffered form so that you can take large amounts without upsetting your stomach or throat. Always remember to consult with your physician before starting or altering your supplement intake.

  • DavidG

    I have heard that eating small amounts of local bee honey can drastically reduce allergies.  It has to be LOCAL HONEY though.

    Good other suggestions here.

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