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The Hunter 30245 For Medium to Large Spaces

Coming from Hunter’s line of best performing purifiers, the Hunter QuietFlo 30245 True HEPA Air Purifier fits the definition of True HEPA by effectively trapping at least 99.97% of particles .3 microns and larger. Designed for mid to large size rooms, this model has quite a few desirable features. To clear any confusion, this unit is also called the QuietFlow 245, but 30245 is the official model number. Additionally, for a long time Hunter Air had on their website a feature which this model does not include which was a programmable feature (four speeds a day, seven days a week per your programming) offered on one of their other models. I have notified them and they informed me they were changing it immediately. Unfortunately I have seen information in several other places claiming this model to have that feature and it is ultimately misleading consumers.

Particularly important for allergy sufferers or anyone who wants to keep the smallest of particles and contaminants out of their air, the HEPA filter offered in the 30245 meets the standards and regulations required for it to bear the name HEPA filter. Additionally, this model utilizes an activated carbon filter that helps with gaseous compounds which are often associated with undesirable odors in the home. The carbon filter also acts as a pre-filter for the unit which helps to keep the main HEPA air filter cleaner and lengthens its life and efficiency.

Filtration Methods

While the filtration methods used by the Hunter 30245 purifier are straightforward, they are sufficient to clean allergen laden air. This air cleaner is AHAM rated which means it has undergone third party testing thanks to Hunter’s voluntary participation. This provides you, the consumer with helpful information that is regulated to be accurate and consistent across all purifiers that partake. Rated for rooms up to 225 sq. feet (15’ x 15’), the Hunter 30245 received smoke, dust and pollen CADR ratings of 145. This is not bad and does meet the recommended 2/3’s rule. Additionally, these numbers are based off of 6 air changes per hour, meaning all of the air in that 225 sq. foot space is being cleaned/renewed 6 times every hour.

While the replacement HEPA filter is not particularly cheap, it should last you a year which is pretty average among purifiers. The carbon pre-filter on the other hand should be swapped out every 3 months for optimal performance according to Hunter. Unless you are buying this specifically for odor removal (and there are better ones for that job than this), I wouldn’t worry about marking your calendar. Rather, every once in a while when you feel its time (perhaps 4, 5, or 6 months), pop a new one in. It will cut down on operating costs and I’ll bet you won’t notice a difference.

Features of the Hunter 30245

While not overloaded with bells and whistles, the 30245 purifier does offer a couple of pretty desirable features. One is a filter change indicator which keeps track of the life left on a filter, letting you know when it is time to swap it out to keep effectiveness and efficiency optimal. The remaining filter life is shown as a percentage (5% increments) on a fully digital display. The HEPA filter should last about 8000 hours which is just short of a year if run 24/7, 11 months to be exact but letting it ride out to a year would be fine in most cases. The carbon pre-filter should last around 2000 hours which is a little over 4 months, but I personally wouldn’t stress to much about this one, with a little vacuuming of the pre-filter you could let it run til 6 months easy if you aren’t using it solely to remove odors.

The keypad which navigates the digital display is lockable so the little ones can press the buttons all they want and nothing will get messed up! Despite its name, users claim that it is not the quietest purifier but many HEPA air purifiers are not very quiet and a lot of first time owners/users do not know what to expect. On the lowest setting, the Quietflo 30245 should be plenty quiet for conversation, TV watching, and sleeping. This unit also comes with a 5 year limited warranty and gets pretty good reviews from owners. Most people who rated it on Amazon gave it 5/5 stars.

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Hunter 30245 User’s Manual

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