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Honeywell 50250 – A “True” HEPA Air Purifier

honeywell 50250 air purifier
When it comes to affordability and quality air purification, there is one Honeywell air purifier that really makes the grade: The Honeywell 50250 Permanent True HEPA Air Purifier.

The first thing to take note of is that the Honeywell 50250 is classified as a True HEPA System.  While many manufacturers claim their products to be “HEPA” or “HEPA-like”, only systems that have passed testing meeting very specific regulations are actually True HEPA Systems.

This guarantees that at least 99.97% of particles .3 microns and bigger passing through the filter are being trapped.  This  is important when it comes to combating the impurities that trigger allergies or asthma in many people.  The pollens, dust particles, mold spores, dander and so on are very tiny and it takes a purifier capable of removing them from the air for most people to see significant relief from their symptoms.  In addition, thanks to Honeywell’s SurroundSeal Technology all of the air passing through the system is passing through the filter and not leaking out elsewhere, unfiltered and still contaminated.

The Famed Honeywell 50250 Permanent Filter

The second thing that I really like about the Honeywell 50250 is that the filter it uses, comprised of a glass-fiber matrix, is “permanent”. This means that a couple times a year it must be cleaned with a standard vacuum cleaner but never needs to be replaced, saving quite a bit of money over the life of the purifier.

In reality, if I was going to hang on to it for years and years, I would probably buy a replacement just to ease my mind.  But the point is, the filter is designed to make the Honeywell 50250 a unit that does not require replacement filters.  Filter replacement costs on other HEPA air purifiers can easily reach $100 a year and more so this is a huge advantage, especially on such an already affordable  purifier. This is one of the best things about getting a Honeywell air purifier like the 50250. Keep in mind that not all Honeywell units come with this type of filter, so do your research. You can start by reading our Honeywell reviews here.

In addition to the HEPA filter, the unit comes with a carbon pre-filter which helps trap larger particles to extend the time in between required cleanings of the HEPA filter.  It also helps trap and neutralize gaseous substances that are often associated with unwanted and offensive odors. Remember that the carbon will eventually fill up and these pre-filters would ideally be replaced occasionally, particularly if you were hoping to address odors with this unit.

Additional Features of the 50250

Another notable feature of the Honeywell 50250 purifier is its 360 degree airflow, maximizing the amount of air filtered in a given room.  Also included on the unit is an Intelli-Check Feature which monitors filter life and prompts the user when it is time for replacement of the carbon pre-filter and cleaning of the HEPA air filter.  A light will flash indicating the approximate percentage of filter life that has been used up.  While it is not very specific in its accuracy, it is helpful.

For the pre-filter, it breaks down filter life into 1/3 increments, and on the HEPA filter, 1/4 increments.  It is relatively easy to swap filters; loosening one screw will get you inside.  Some purifiers can be a bit more complicated so this is nice in its simplicity.

Final Thoughts on the This Honeywell Air Purifier

honeywell 50250 air purifier

The Honeywell 50250 is rated to effectively clean rooms as large as 390 sq feet with relatively high CADR ratings.  The fact that Honeywell offers a 5 year limited warranty does not hurt.

For the price, under $200 from several online retailers, this Honeywell air purifier offers features that make it a one of the best possible choices in its price range.  From researching other owner’s experiences it seems that there is a consensus about the value of this purifier.  Most people claim significant results and general satisfaction with most aspects of this model, with a bit of noise while on the higher settings being the most popular critique. Even still, the vast majority of reviewers rated the Honeywell 50250 5 stars on Amazon with the second most popular rating being 4 stars and this is out of over 250 reviews!

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Honeywell 50250 User’s Manual

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  • Half Baked Books

    This looks good for our office.  As books sellers, we definitely need one.

    Why is it so cheap?  No way this can make the five year warranty can it?

  • zienbiz

    It is true that this unit is a bit cheaper than others. Only the folks at Honeywell really know why they price things the way they do, but I think part of it is the size and scope of that company. Honeywell is huge, they deal with many other products and are sold in many retail stores. This unit is built well, and does perform, but you should understand that there is certainly a difference in the Honeywell 50250 and an Austin Air for example. This unit gets great user reviews and I do think it has the ability to stand up to 5 years of use. Depending on the square footage of the area, I think the Honeywell could be an economical way to experience the benefits of a HEPa air purifier.

  • Kayce Mickelson

    I have this air purifier and I really like it. I have pets in my home and it really cleans the air. People with pet allergies can actually come over and not be bothered at all :) .

  • HepaAirPurifier

    Great! It is always nice to hear feedback on which units people are getting results with. The Honeywell 50250 is as popular as it is for a reason. It is affordable and effective.

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